The Dog Garden

Beautiful daycare for small dogs

Welcome to our Xmas Kennels


We're delighted to be offering kennel accommodation in our beautiful garden this Christmas over the busy holiday period. 

And best of all, your dog will be cage-free all day while they stay with us - outside and enjoying the sunny weather just like you. 

Opening dates

We won't be offering kennelling this Christmas unfortunately :-( We have been unable to confirm enough staff to keep the facility open throughout the Xmas break when all of our regular staff on holiday having a much deserved break. 

We may be able to help with alternative accommodation for your dog, such as:

  • homestay accommodation 

Staying at The Dog Garden

For most of the year we operate as dog daycare, so our kennelling setup is a bit different (eg: we don't have cages etc set up full time). 

Your dog will be outside at The Dog Garden with us during the day from 7am - enjoying the sunshine, playing with their friends, paddling in the pool, helping us with jobs, or snoozing in the shade. No cages at all - awesome! After a busy day, they'll be crated from 9pm just for sleeping in one of our cosy dog lounges overnight with their buddies. 

We'll be staffed 24/7, with staff sleeping overnight onsite. We take a maximum of small 35 dogs (under 15kgs). 

You'll be able to see what your dog is up to while you're away by following them on Facebook.

Prices, bookings & pickup / drop off times

It costs $35 per night. 

Please email us to book - [email protected] - please include your contact ph number

Our hours for dropping off and picking up are strictly 10 - 11.30 am and 2 - 3.30 pm. 

No drop offs or pickups outside of these times or on Xmas Day please.

Food & medication

The diets of dogs are so varied these days, that we ask you to bring your own food along. Please note we have limited freezer and fridge space for fresh or frozen meals - canned meat  or meat in packets is ideal if meat is part of their diet.  If your dog is a fussy eater please bring their favourite food for their stay - dogs with full bellies are happy dogs!  If you have any questions or specific dietary needs just let us know. 

We are happy to administer medication as required.

Health, behaviour & breeds

For the health & safety of all the dogs at The Dog Garden and our staff, there are a few restrictions around health, behaviour and breeds.

Before coming to The Dog Garden your dog must be fully vaccinated for Parvo, Distemper, Hepatitis and Kennel Cough. If your dog currently receives a long term vaccination such as DHP please remember you will still need to get a Kennel Cough booster each year. Your dog should also be flea treated and wormed (you should worm your dog every 2 months if they attend daycare / visit kennels). 

Ideally they should also be registered and speyed / neutered. Un-speyed females can not attend while on heat. Complete males can attend as pups, but from 9 months or older will need to be neutered.


Your dog will need to be social with other dogs and people. Please let us know if your dog is nervous or hasn't had a lot of exposure to other dogs.  As a general guideline, if you can take your dog to a family BBQ or socialising at the beach then we'd love to have them join us at The Dog Garden. 

If you dog doesn't usually come to us for daycare, it's a good idea to book them in for a few sessions before their holiday - they'll settle much better with us if they're coming to stay in a familiar environment. 

We don't take muzzled dogs, dogs who bark persistently, are aggressive or dominant towards other dogs or our staff or visitors, exhibit signs of prey-drive, or are easily agitated.  Breeds such as pitbulls, staffies, rotweillers, shepherds, any fighting breeds are unfortunately not suited to The Dog Garden.

We promote safe, social play, and our selection process ensures that all the dogs that come to The Dog Garden will enjoy their time with us.


The Dog Garden is not set on an enormous site and is geared towards smaller dogs under 15kgs. 

What to bring

You'll need you to bring a few things with you:

  • A lockable crate big enough for sleeping overnight
  • Comfy bedding to remind your dog of home (something easy to wash please)
  • Collar with a name tag
  • Vaccination book showing that vaccinations are current 
  • Enough food for your dog's stay - in a lockable plastic box 
  • Any medication, clearly labelled with your dogs name and instructions for administration

Please make sure your dog has been worm and flea treated one week before arrival.

Please don't bring any bones - these tasty treats are far too tempting for other dogs. And please note that toys may not come back in their original condition :-)

       Ph 022 347-4444  :  [email protected]   :  :  :  190a Gracefield Rd, Lower Hutt