The Dog Garden

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Welcome to The Dog Garden 

The Dog Garden offers beautiful dog daycare with a difference. Lots of fresh air, sunshine, freedom and companionship - both animal and human - and all set in our stunning landscaped garden in Lower Hutt.


It's designed especially for dogs and is loaded with features to stimulate the senses, body and mind. There are Dog Lounges, complete with a leather couches and comfy seats, deckchairs in the shade, steps up into our bush garden, our super sunny yard for playtime, plenty of toys and sticks from the toy box, large covered decks with a toastie woodburner for rainy days, paddling pools for summer fun, bubble machines, tunnels, agility structure, gardens to explore and planters to sniff.


Whether your dog needs companionship during the day, some new friends to play with, or just some time doing 'dog stuff'' - its all at The Dog Garden.

The Dog Garden is a fantastic start for young dogs - great for developing good social skills and learning the ropes from the older dogs in a really safe environment. 

Pricing & Coverage Area

From 1 July 2018 it costs $40 per day which includes our full free pick-up/drop-home service. 


We’re open Monday to Friday. We’ll collect your dog from your home, garden or workplace between 8am - 10am and return them between 3pm – 5pm.  If you're going to be away when we come to collect or drop your dog off we can easily make access arrangements.


Our van is customised for dogs to travel safely and with a raised floor your dog will get an excellent view as we pick up all their doggie friends.

We cover Eastbourne and Lower Hutt (including all the hills) as far north as Taita. Our Wellington pick up service covers the Northern suburbs from Johnsonville / Newlands along the hills to Karori, then the city including Thorndon, Kelburn, Brooklyn, Mt Cook, central Wellington, Hataitai, Roseneath and Mt Victoria. If you're outside of our coverage areas just get in touch - if the demand is there we may be able to cover other suburbs.

Services and how to book

At The Dog Garden we're big on personal customer service. We'll regularly post photos of your dog on our Facebook page so you can see who they're playing with and what they've been up to. And if there's ever anything extra you need - from changing days or pick up arrangements, to advice on all things dog - we'll do our very best to help.


To make your first booking please call us on 022 347-4444. We can get you started over the phone, or make a time for you to bring your dog to see us at The Dog Garden.  Booking options vary from the same day/s each week, to casually as required.  You can pay-as-you-go with weekly payments, or we'll invoice you at the end of each month. Our terms of trade are payment in full within 7 days of the invoice. Overdue accounts may be forwarded for collection, with any costs incurred payable in addition to the invoice.


We also offer:

- Boom Rock Dogs: Adventurous farm daycare for active dogs -

- Homestay accommodation for small breeds - 

Health, behaviour, breeds & size

For the health & safety of all the dogs at The Dog Garden and our staff, and to meet council regulations, there are a few restrictions around health, behaviour and breeds.


Before coming to The Dog Garden your dog must be fully vaccinated for Parvo, Distemper, Hepatitis and Kennel Cough. If your dog currently receives a long term vaccination such as DHP please remember you will still need to get a Kennel Cough booster each year. Your dog should also be flea treated and wormed (you should worm your dog every 2 months if they attend daycare). Ideally they should also be registered with your local council and speyed / neutered. Un-speyed females can not attend while on heat. Complete males can attend as pups, but from 9 months old will need to be neutered.


Your dog will need to be social with other dogs and people, and comfortable travelling in our van. Please let us know if your dog is nervous or hasn't had a lot of exposure to other dogs. We'll introduce them slowly to the rest of the day care group, and we just love watching their confidence grow!

Breed restrictions - always a tricky one! As a general guideline, our policy is that if you can take your dog to a family BBQ then we're happy for them to come to us. Breeds such as pitbulls, staffies and rotweillers or any fighting breeds are unfortunately not suited to The Dog Garden day care environment, as are dogs who bark persistently, are aggressive or dominant, or easily agitated. 


We promote safe, social play, and our selection process ensures that all the dogs that come to The Dog Garden will enjoy their time with us.


The Dog Garden is not set on an enormous site and is geared towards smaller dogs under 17kgs. 

For bigger or active dogs we have an awesome option - adventurous farm-based daycare on our 25 acre section in Wellington, with our full pickup and drop off service. Please see for more details. 


Please feel free to call us to discuss your dog on 022 347-4444.

About myself & my family

I'm Karen Breslin and I have a background in animal care and services. 


In 2001 I started The Pet Pantry – a home-based pet feeding service covering Wellington from Churton Park to Kilbirnie. In 2002 I opened Dogs Day Out – an off-leash dog adventure walking service at Wellington’s parks and beaches for 6 dogs at a time. Both businesses were sold in 2004 & 2006 as my oldest children were born, and are still running successfully.

I also run Boom Rock Dogs from my fully fenced 25 acre property in Wellington - adventurous daycare for active dogs -


I have three children aged 12-8, Lulu the Border Collie (3) and Gracie the mini Dachshund (2) . I enjoy adventure off-road running, skiing, travel, DIY, gardening and the company of good friends.


I pride myself on offering fantastic service tailored to meet the needs of my customers and their pets.